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Summer Bucket List

Who is already dreaming up Summer Plans?

Vacations, flexible schedules, time with family and friends, days at the pool, sleeping in, not driving back and forth to school? That sound about right? Sounds heavenly to me!

Tonight we sat down and had the girls write out their "Summer Bucket-List"... A "Yes Day" might have been added to that list and I'm not quite sure that's what I have in mind for my summer plans but it sure was fun to see what all they came up with and what all we can reasonably tackle this Summer! If you want in on the summer fun, feel free to download this freebie! Just right-click & save as! Don't forget to come hang out with me over on instagram & pinterest!

summer bucket list

The girls quickly filled these slots..

so if you want to get specific

have them narrow down their

Top Picks for this Summer Bucket-List!


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