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I believe in celebrating every holiday and making it feel special! I gathered some easy ideas for you to make it a special day for your family as well! All items I gathered are from Target so it will make it a one-click kinda purchase!

If your kids love Scavenger Hunts as much as mine do, you can snag the download over in my shop! Included in the bundle, is a set of March themed Lunch Notes & a print to add to any existing frame in your home!

If you have a Frame TV, then I got you covered with a March/St.Patrick's Day themed Frame TV Art.... I went ahead and added 5 Prints into that Bundle, click here to check out those options!

This post was so popular on my old blog that is no longer up and running so I knew I needed to find it a new home over on my new site so all of you could easily find it! Seems crazy to think we did this little project 4 years ago!! Here is the video how we hung the swinging chair!

You can buy the Swing Chair here In four years this method has held up! It came out of the ceiling once a year ago... and basically our kids had unscrewed it right out by spinning in the right direction over time haha but we were able to screw it right back in to the ceiling in the exact same spot with NO damage! It has held up ever since!! We even loved our indoor swing so much that we added two in our Outdoor Living Space! My girls and their friends basically LIVE in those swing chairs in the warmer months!

Our Outdoor Swings you can find here Hardware to hang our outdoor swings here

I've put together a list of some of the cutest Class Valentine's

that you can print off & order from right from your home!

Each Valentine I created I went ahead and gathered links for trinkets that you could pair with my printable! Hope this Post is helpful!<3

"Happy Va-llamma-tine's Day" Llama Valentine Card | Llama Straws | Llama Stickers | Llama Pens | Llama Temporary Tattoos

"Spread Love not Germs" Share Love Valentine Card | Hand Sanitizer Bottles | Kleanops Wipes | Yoobie Wipes

Happy Valentine's Day - Koala Koala Valentine's Day Card | Stickers | Koala Erasers | Koala Pencil Toppers

Pastel "Be the Rainbow in someones Cloud" Pastel Rainbow Valentine's Day Card | Rainbow Bubbles | Cotton Candy

Rainbow Swirl Suckers | Candy Bracelets

Cupcake Match +Activity Cupcake Match Valentine's Day Card | Lip Sucker | Cupcake Straws Cupcake Pencils | Cupcake Stamps

"In A World where you can be anything, BE KIND" Space BE Kind Valentine's Day Card | Galaxy Slime | Space Suckers

Space Temporary Tattoos | Space Slap Bracelets | Space Rubber Bracelets & Pencils

Happy Valentine's Day -Tic Tac Toe Activity

Tic Tac Toe Valentine's Day Card | M&M's | Skittles Unicorn Poop | Valentine Pens

"Kindness is Magic Sprinkle it Everywhere" Sprinkle Valentine's Day Card | Lip Sucker | Cupcake Straws Donut Keychain | Rainbow Swirl Suckers

"Our Class would not be the same with out you!"

Knot Valentine's Day Card | Knot/PuraVida Bracelets Braided Bracelets | Friendship Bracelets

"We Just Click" We Just Click Valentine's Day Card | VSCO Stickers Turtle VSCO Stickers

"Hugs & Squishies" Hugs and Squishies Valentine's Day Card | Moj Moj

Squeezies | Squishy Mochi

BOHO "Be the Rainbow in someones Cloud" Boho Rainbow Valentine's Day Card | Rainbow Bubbles | Cotton Candy

Rainbow Swirl Suckers | Candy Bracelets | Skittles | Unicorn Poop

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