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How to Hang a Floating Chair

This post was so popular on my old blog that is no longer up and running so I knew I needed to find it a new home over on my new site so all of you could easily find it! Seems crazy to think we did this little project 4 years ago!! Here is the video how we hung the swinging chair!

You can buy the Swing Chair here In four years this method has held up! It came out of the ceiling once a year ago... and basically our kids had unscrewed it right out by spinning in the right direction over time haha but we were able to screw it right back in to the ceiling in the exact same spot with NO damage! It has held up ever since!! We even loved our indoor swing so much that we added two in our Outdoor Living Space! My girls and their friends basically LIVE in those swing chairs in the warmer months!

Our Outdoor Swings you can find here Hardware to hang our outdoor swings here

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