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Lexi's 1st Sweet Shop Birthday Party

Updated: May 12, 2021

(when i swapped this over from my own blog - lost quite a bit of quality and its kind of a hott mess)

I was very happy I was able to do all the invites, labels,

& decor myself it saves a little $$!

I chose to keep her cake smash photo session theme incorporated

so I did a whimsical cotton candy theme where you can find here

Here's the table setup

We just did hot dogs & chips for lunch and had about a bazillion sweets.

table cloths: Joannes

cake & dish stands: from here

I just kept it simple and served lemonade & bottle water

I used Nestle bottled water & I printed my own labels & attached them using glue dots.

Straws: Hey Yo Yo

Mason Jars: Ty's grandma {used to use them for jarring}

Drink Serving Table: my cousin-in-law Celest from Whimsical Treasures

I chose to keep the same theme on my labels for my party favors.

I had been saving up for about a month of baby food jars & I cleaned them all out and

I spray painted the tops this aqua blue & I chose to do the insides as well b/c some baby food leaves colored stains which to me looked kinda gross.

{Make sure you let the tops dry off enough before you attach to the jar- b/c some can become painted shut!}

I filled the insides of the jars with a candy called Sour S'ghetti

they were pretty colors and a lot come in the package- which meant they were good fillers for the jars!

I bought 4 bags from Maverick (gas station) & they were 2 for $2.50

That filled up 20 jars.

it's a pretty cheap party favor!

"Thanks for coming & making her birthday so sweet!"

I made "mini cupcakes"

they are just peanut butter cups & you just dab frosting & sprinkles on top and wah lah!

mini cupcakes.

I did a little Guessing Game for everyone at the party..

Brylee was the winner of a $10 Coldstone gift card

she was just 5 off of 170 gumballs.

OK, now do you remember this piece??

My husband ended up taking over that little project and did the majority of painting it for me!!

good husband, i know.

Cotton Candy bags: were purchased from our local Farmers Market the night before.

Jars: DI, cousin-in-law, Porters

Bubble Gum Machine: cousin-in-law

Candy: Fred Meyers & Zurchers (party store) Bags to hold candy: Zurchers -they were 14 or 17 cents each i think Little Plastic Tongs: Dollar Store - 4 come in a pack.

cake stand: from here

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

I saw these here and had to try them!! They do not give a recipe or tutorial on how to make them, only a reference to here. (mine don't look as pretty as theirs)

So i kinda had to wing it & apparently from others they tasted dang good.

I waited til the night before to make them with my sisters help and she came up with the idea of turning a egg carton upside down and puncturing it to be it's stand.

Worked perfectly!

Just a little spray paint works wonders.

I saw this bubble refill station idea off of pinterest and thought it would be perfect for all the kids to play with!

I bought:

a bulk thing of bubbles with a big wand at Wal-Mart

2 packages of a set of 3 small bubbles from the Dollar Store for wands

and the jar that held it all was from Wal-Mart for $4.

Platter it sat on: from here

My cousin-in-law Celest had told me how easy pinwheels were to make so I went to Porters (craft store) and whipped up these 4.. they made for a fun extra color pop.

so i'm sure you have noticed her cute little birthday outfit...

I had sent my friend Bre some fabric and told her what I wanted

and she whipped up the CUTEST little skirt!! She has an etsy shop here

if you have something in mind I'm sure she would be more than willing to take custom orders!

Also my sister from Ellebowtique made her cute headband & tank!

I had her use the same fabric from the skirt to make them all coordinate!

i'm very lucky to have all these talented friends & family!

we also had outdoor games for whoever wanted to play

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