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Lexi's Enchanted Garden 2nd Birthday Party

Updated: May 12, 2021

Party Details:

Table Food:


miniature popsicle sticks from craft store (Joannes, Michaels, Walmart)

found a printable offline for a seed packet & hot glued- the two together.

Used nongrease brown cupcake liners from here

Used fudge type icing from the bakery at grocery store to put on top of chocolate cupcake.. grounded up Chocolate creme centered Oreos for the soil.

Cake: My sister made it, She used the cupcake silicone & just didn't use the top half.. used frosting from the grocery store bakery and had them die it to the color I wanted we got 1lb & it cost around $4?

Used pearls & clear shimmer flakes (Joannes) to go around the edge Butterfly came in a pack from Michaels

Sandwiches: we made 2 kinds

Sandwich Thins , thin slice provolone, & turkey deli meat

Sandwich Thins , thin slice provolone, & shredded caeser chicken

(crock pot the chicken thick cubes in caeser dressing then shred the chicken with a hand mixer)

Used parchment paper (grocery store), brown paper (you can buy a roll from the dollar store), & twine (craft store or Wal-Mart) to tie it off

Fruit & Veggies Cups

Cups Burpee eco friendly Seed Starting pots (Home Depot or Kmart)

Used parchment paper to line

Bakers Twine to wrap & made my own labels

Chipmunk Mix & Stand:

used cone tutorial from here made my own labels

stand: flat circle styrofoam & used a pencil to stab holes where I wanted cones to go.. did one by one and started in the back.. then filled in moss once it was on the table. Drinks:

Kid Drinks with chalkboard: Pink Lemonade Party Shop

Bottles (Ikea or Porters)

Made my own tags

I just made lemonade - dyed it sherbert color with one drop of red dye and added blueberries


Mint Paper Straws: online

Plates: here & here

Forks: here

Napkins: party supply store

Party Favors:

Chalkboard Buckets: Target dollar section

Fairy Dust Jar: Pink Lemonade Party Shop I used orange pixie stix in the large tube to fill made the tags myself

Net, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, & Wand: Zurchers party supply store Fairy: in a tube at Michaels or here Jars: found a bunch of them for super cheap a year ago a thrift store.. just spray painted the tops. Tags I made myself

Fairy Garden:

Gnome Door - Nothin' but Wood

a whole DIY post on a Fairy Garden will be coming soon

i'll post the link here when it is up


Assortment of Poms in trees - Simply Nesting

big thanks to my sis & husband for pulling it all together with me!!

if i forgot something you were curious about just let me know!

You can also check out Lexi's 2 year session here

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